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Dental Implant Injuries

Florida Dental Implant Injury

Hiring the Right Attorney for Your Florida Dental Implant Injury

Dental implant injuries can be very serious and can negatively impact your ability to enjoy life. When the implants are attached to the jawbone, nearby nerves and other structures can be damaged if the procedures are not performed correctly. According to a study by researchers with the King’s College Dental Institute that was published in the British Dental Journal in 2012, nerve damage from dental implants increased from 10% of all of the nerve injuries caused by dental work in 1997 to 30% in 2007. Of 30 patients who were studied by the researchers, only 11 signed consent forms, and eight said that they were not warned of the potential for nerve damage. Even though removal of an offending implant within 30 hours can significantly reduce the risk of permanent nerve damage, 70% of the patients were not referred to a specialist for more than six months after the implantation procedures. People in Florida who have suffered nerve damage from dental implantation procedures may have legal rights to recover compensation by filing Florida dental malpractice claims. At Lane & Glassman, our experienced dental negligence lawyers include Dr. Stanley W. Lane, a licensed attorney and dentist with more than 20 years of experience. We are prepared to fight for people who have suffered a Florida dental implant injury to recover compensation for their losses.

What are the most common causes of dental implant injuries?

In Florida, dental implant injuries commonly result from dental negligence. However, an injury from a dental implant can be caused by several situations. In many cases, these injuries happen after a dental implant is attached to the mandible or lower jaw. Dental implants that are implanted in the lower jaw sometimes cause injuries to the inferior alveolar nerve that runs below the lower teeth and molars. In front of the back molars, the mental nerve is exposed and may be damaged by improperly planned and placed dental implants.

Symptoms of dental implant-related nerve damage

Some of the symptoms of dental implant related nerve damage include the following:

  • Facial numbness
  • Chin, gums, or lip numbness
  • Numbness of the tongue on the side of a lingual nerve injury
  • Sharp, stabbing pain in the face and jaw
  • Tingling in the face and jaw
  • Trouble eating, smiling, or talking normally
  • Altered taste
  • Pain radiating from the jaw to the ear
  • Drooling

Diagnosis and treatment of your Florida Dental Implant Injury

Dental implant injuries are diagnosed through physical examinations, x-rays, and cone-beam CT scans. It is sometimes not possible to diagnose the injury until the surgery is performed. These injuries may be treated with pain medications, removal of the implant, and surgical nerve repair. Patients may also be prescribed anti-inflammatory medications or steroids to reduce inflammation and pain.

Severe dental implant-related nerve injuries may require microsurgery to repair the nerves. In this surgery, the implant is removed along with scar tissues and neuromas under general anesthesia in the hospital.

What to do following a dental implant nerve injury

Under FLA. STAT. § 466.028, dentists must meet a reasonable minimum standard of care when they provide dental treatment to patients and may risk discipline from the Florida Board of Discipline if the treatment that they provide fails to meet the accepted standard of care. You can file a complaint with the board if your dentist caused you to suffer serious nerve damage during an implantation procedure. Under Chapter 766 of Title XLV, you are also allowed to file a Florida dental malpractice lawsuit against the dentist who caused your injury. Filing a complaint with the board and a lawsuit against the dentist for his or her negligence might allow you to hold him or her accountable for the harm that he or she has caused and help you to recover damages to pay for your losses.

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